Three Survival Techniques to Master the Wilderness

August 16, 2016

I want to let you in on a secret. We need more woods in our life because our daily dose of technology is on a perennial climb. Silence the devices and use these techniques to dominate your next outdoor adventure.


There are a ton of ways to start fire in the wild without matches or a lighter. Most of them involve friction. In other words you will spend a long time rubbing sticks together like a caveman. The worst part about a friction fire is that they aren’t even 100% effective. If you choose the wrong wood, if you tap out from the work load or if your ember goes out you are cold for the night.
Too many variables!
If you are looking to master the wilderness on your next adventure create fire laces. These are incredibly easy to make. All you will need is a couple survival bracelet ferrocerium rods and paracord.

The rod will create a spark when struck with a sharp blade. I am going to assume that if you are imbibing in Rip It Energy drinks you are also carrying a pocket knife.

1. Unlace your hiking boots
2. Cut some paracord to match the length
3. Melt each end of the paracord
4. Thread the ferrocerium onto the laces
5. Now lace your boots.
6. Bingo. Fire laces


The bio filter is a creation made by layering various natural materials. Get creative, use tied off sleeves, hats, socks, buckets or even empty water bottles to contain these layers. When you run water through a bio filter it will remove most of the sediment.
1. Poke or cut a hole in the bottom of your vessel if it’s hard. Tied off cloth will not need a hole.
2. Add some charcoal from your fire or a previous fire. Crush it up nice and fine. Charcoal has tremendous absorbing qualities. It’ll suck up some bad stuff.
3. If you are near water you are most likely near sand……that’s your next layer add about a half inch layer.
4. Next add smaller stones and pebbles
5. Add a few larger rocks next
6. Finally, add in some fresh grass ripped up a bit
7. Run your water through this and catch it in another, clean, container.

This water must be boiled but the chance of it killing you well be decreased exponentially!


Remember those fire laces? They are made of paracord. Paracord is filled with 5 lengths of smaller cordage which can be used to tie wood together and create a sturdy shelter. You could use vines or weave together grasses but let’s be honest, that’s not happening. You are not going to want to sit down and do some weaving while in survival mode.

1. Find two small trees that are separated by enough space to fit your body length comfortably.
2. Find or cut a strong, straight sapling that is a little longer than the distance between the two trees.
3. Tie that sapling longways to each of the other trees. Tie it at about 3 ft. above the ground.
4. At this point you should have two small trees with one longer branch or sapling between them.
5. Begin to add sticks and branches at an angle staring from the sapling leading to the ground.
6. You could also add some moss or leaves to the top of this as well.

Master the wilderness using these three techniques and don’t forget to bring Rip It Energy on your next outdoor adventure.

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